Ulster Unionists

Ulster Unionists
   Ulster Unionists support the constitutional status of Northern Ireland tied to state and Crown within the United Kingdom. Popular Protestantism is the traditional link between Unionists and Conservatives, and the former took the Conservative whip until the Stormont Parliament was prorogued in 1972. Unionists oppose sharing power with Ulster’s Catholics and any integration with the Irish Republic, hence condemning initiatives such as the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement and bilateral London—Dublin talks on the future of the province. In 1998, David Trimble was leader of the official Ulster Unionist Party and Ian Paisley led the more extreme Democratic Unionist Party. Unionist parties have a no-contest electoral agreement whereby sitting MPs are unchallenged, lessening the possibility of the Catholic SDLP gaining more seats.
   See also: Ireland; Sinn Féin

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